F FOR If I Stay by Gayle Forman New York : Speak, 2010, c2009.
Mia had it all, until the snow day when her entire family piles into the car and ends up in a horrific car crash. Her parents are instantly killed while she and her little brother are rushed to the hospital. She's caught between life and death, with memories crowding in and the realization of how different life will be "if she stays". Heartbreaking, wonderful, funny and unforgettable.

F PEA The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson New York: Holt, 2008.
Who is Jenna Fox? Jenna awakens from a 1 year coma with absolutely no memory. She is told she was in a horrible accident, but when she tries to ask more specific questions, her parents seem very vague. Her grandmother, Lily, treats her so strangely and on top of all this, she has to watch hours and hours of videos of herself as a small child. She is pretty much confined to the house for health reasons, she is told, but Jenna has a brain and she isn't going to be kept locked up. This book asks the question, How far would you go to save someone you love and the even more difficult question, How far would you want science to go to save you?

F VOL Volponi, Paul. Hurricane Song. New York: Penguin, 2008.
The horrors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans are vividly relived here when Miles' and his family must move to the SuperDome. The power fail, supplies are very scarce and then gangs begin roaming and terrorizing the victims of the hurricane. Honest, realistic and frightning!

F WOO If you come softly by Jacqueline Woodson. Putnam, 1997.
Jeremiah is recruited to joing the basketball team at a fancy prep school in Manhattan, where there aren't many black guys at all. He meets Ellie the first week of school and their friendship begins to grow, to the obvious dislike of some.

F JUB Alice, I think by Susan Juby. New York: Harper Tempest, 2003.
Take a homeschooled teenager who thought she was a hobbit her first day at kindergarten, toss in a therapist, the world's worst haircut, her first "boy/girl" relationship and a fish show!

F WOO Miracle's Boys.
After their mother dies, Lafayette's family is on their own. One boy is sent to a detention center, one gives up hope of college and the youngest deals with guilt about his mother's death. Amazing.

F MYR Myracle, Lauren. Peace, love and Baby Ducks.
Carly is sick of the fake life she and her family life in their fancy home with expensive cars, clothes and meaningless lives, so she heads out over the summer to work on a trail up in the mountains. Pretty soon, Carly starts to like the more "hippie" lifestyle and coming back home just seems the worst. Anna, her little sister, has changed a lot over the summer and is now the talk of high school. "HOT" is the only adjective Carly hears about her and it starts to bug her to watch her sister hang out with the plastic-pretty girls.

F MYE Dope Sick by Walter Dean Myers. New York: Harper, 2009.
Drugs and violence are interwoven in this book about Lil J and Kelly. Lil J meets Kelly on the run from the cops after a cop is killed when a drug sale goes bad. This is one surreal book with the harsh reality of drugs, and magic realism of Kelly's world.

F GOO Hello, Groin by Beth Goobie. Custer, WA : Orca Book Publishers, 2006.
Dylan loved the book Foxfire and decides to place the book night over the groin on her life-size display of a girl and a guy. The display opens a cna of wormes and makes Dylan face her deepest fear.

F ALE The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. New York: Little, Brown, 2007.
Born with several medical problems, Junior, is pretty much an outcast at his Spokane Indian Reservation. Then he decides to leave his reservation school to attend an all-white high school in town, making him that much more of an outcast. Filled with cartoon illustrations, this sotry is full of tragedy and comedy. (First chapter's title is: The Black-Eye-of-the-Month Club)

F Na, An. Wait for me. New York: Putnam, 2006.
Mina appears to be the perfect daughter--Harvard bound, president of the honor society and dutiful daughter. One small problem though--it's all a lie, one she doesn't want her mother to find out about.

F DES Dessen, Sarah. Just Listen. New York : Viking, 2006.
Isolated from friends who believe the worst because she has not been truthful with them, sixteen-year-old Annabel finds an ally in classmate Owen, whose honesty and passion for music help her to face and share what really happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed her life.

F An Na, An. .Wait for Me. New York : Putnam, 2006
As her senior year in high school approaches, Mina yearns to find her own path in life but working at the family business, taking care of her little sister, and dealing with her mother's impossible expectations are as stifling as the southern California heat, until she falls in love with a man who offers a way out.

F POW Powell, Randy. Tribute to another dead rock star. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999.
Grady is 15 years old. His mother was the famous grunge rock star, Debbie Grennan. She committed suicide just a few years prior and Grady is on his way to Seattle to participate in a tribute concert in her honor. The trip back to Seattle is full of major emotions, changes and finally, decisions. Coming to terms with Debbie's suicide and her role in his life is huge for Grady.

F HRD Hrdlitschka, Shelley. Dancing Naked. Orca Book Publishers, 2001.
Kia is sixteen and finds out she is pregnant. Derek, the father, pushes her to get an abortion and Kia must learn to make decisions both for herself and for the child she carries.

F TAS Tashjian, Janet. The Gospel according to Larry. Henry Holt, 2001.
It is Josh's senior year and he is lusting after his best friend, Beth. At the same time, the school is buzzing about the amazing new website called "The Gospel according to Larry", where "sermons" about life are published. Josh is incredibly intelligent, but introverted and out of the "in" crowd society. Everything comes to a head at the rock concert of the decade, a sort of modern day Woodstock.

F SPI Spinelli, Jerry. Stargirl. New York: Knopf, 2000.
Stargirl renames herself when she chooses. Always having been homeschooled, she takes the local high school totally by surprise.

F WIT Wittlinger, Ellen. Razzle. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2001.
Kenyon meets an eccentric girl by the name of Razzle after moving to Cape Cod.

F JUB Juby, Susan. Alice, I think. New York: Harper Tempest, 2003.
Take a homeschooled teenager who thought she was a hobbit her first day at kindergarten, toss in a therapist, the world's worst haircut, her first "boy/girl" relationship and a fish show!

F PET Peters, Julie Ann. Define "Normal". Boston : Little, Brown, c2000.
When she agrees to meet with Jasmine as a peer counselor at their middle school, Antonia never dreams that this girl with the black lipstick and pierced eyebrow will end up helping her deal with the serious problems she faces at home and become a good friend.

F ALV Alvarez, Julia. How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent. New York, N.Y. : New American Library, 1992, c1991.
15 interconnected stories portray with warmth and humor the assimilation of a Dominican doctor's family into urban American culture.

F SHE Shea, Peggy Deitz. Tangled threads : a Hmong girl's story. New York : Clarion Books, c2003.
Arriving in the U.S. from a refugee camp in Thailand, Mai and her grandmother go to Rhode Island to be near her uncle. The rules are so different in the U.S., from clothing to boyfriends. Her grandmother has a hard time with it all, but Mai is both fascinated and torn. A great book showing the clashes in two very different cultures.

F FLI Flinn, Alex. Breaking Point. New York : HarperTempest, 2003, c2002.
Being the new kid at school is always tough, but when it's a private school and your mom is the school secretary, it is so much worse! Paul feels like a total outcast and is the butt of everyone's pranks until Charlie Good, the coolest guy in school befriends him. With a friend like this, though.....

F COL Coleman, Evelyn. Born in Sin. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2000.
Keisha dreams of being a doctor and swimmer, but when her school pulls her application for a summer program at Avery and puts her in an "at-risk" group, she finds amazing talents.

F GOO Goobie, Beth. Sticks and Stones: Slut. Victoria, BC ; Custer, WA : Orca Book Publishers, 2002.
Asked to the Valentine's Day dance, Jujube goes, but when Brent tries to get her involved in the back seat of the car, she leaps out and finds her way home herself. The next week at school she hears rumors flying about that night and what did--or did not--occur.

F NEL Nelson, Blake. The New Rules of High School. New York : Viking/Penguin, 2003.
Ever get tired of always doing the right thing? Max Caldwell does it all, and suddenly at the end of his junior year, he is tired of it. He breaks up with his first love, the perfect Cindy, hangs out with Eleanor, the goth maven, goes to major parties, and gets stalked by a sophomore. Life can't always be perfect----




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