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F WHI The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney New York: Little, Brown, 2010. 335 pages
Alex Patrick heads out to a concert one night and then starts to party with some friends afterward. The next thing she knows, she is waking up in a strange guy's room without any clothing. She slowly comes to the realization she has been date-raped. She's a the famous, oh so perfect Themis Academy where everyone is perfect and realizes she has no where to turn. As the story comes out, Alex learns of a group on campus called the Mockingbirds who right the wrongs that occur on campus unknown to the faculty. Now she has to decide if she wants to fight this, or if she will just walk away quietly.

F HAU Hautman, Pete. All-in.
Dean Doyle is one of those kids that it is hard to tell the age of. He seems young, but also older--he's often mistaken for 23-25, but he is only 17 and loves to play poker. He ends up winning a restaurant off a local one night, but soon has to sell it for 100,000 since it starts to fail. Now he's in Las Vegas and ready to take on some serious gambling. He meets up with a card dealer, Cat and falls in love, but soon his luck runs out and it all comes down to a winner take all $1 million jackpot at a casino that belongs to the guy he won the restaurant from. If you love Texas Hold-em poker, you will love this high-stakes book!

F WOO Woods, Brenda. Emako Blue. New York : Speak, 2005, c2004.
Monterey, Savannah, Jamal, and Eddie have never had much to do with each other until Emako Blue shows up at chorus practice. She is an amazing singer and a great friend but just as the lives of the five Los Angeles high school students become intertwined, tragedy in the form of gang activity tears them apart.

F McC McCormick, Patricia. Sold. New York : Hyperion, 2006.
Excited to finally be allowed to work as a maid in town to help her family survive, 13-year old Lakshmi is shocked to find she has been sold into prostition by her step-father. This is the story of a young girl who is forced into the sex slave trade, with research compiled from true stories of girls who have experienced this

F VIZ Vizzini, Ned. It's kind of a funny story. New York : Miramax Books/Hyperion Books For Children, c2006.
Craig does everything he can to get into a prestigious private school, but the stress of life gets to him and hanging with his friends and smoking pot are just not helping him. Sonn he is no longer able to sleep or eat and he decides to end this torture. Sometimes funny, sometimes stirring, this story of teenage depression will introduce you to new characters and situations!

F GOI Going, K. L. . Saint Iggy. Orlando: Harcourt, 2006.
Iggy Corso, who lives in city public housing, is caught physically and spiritually between good and bad when he is kicked out of high school, goes searching for his missing mother, and causes his friend to get involved with the same dangerous drug dealer who deals to his parents all while trying to fix his life and redeem himself..

F COM Coman, Carolyn. Many Stones Ashville, NC: Front Street, 2000.
Berry's sister is brutally murdered in South Africa. Her father decides to take her to the memorial and while on the trip acts like he didn't abandon the family years ago. Berry is having none of it.

F SAE Saenz, Benjamin Alire . Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood. El Paso, TX : Cinco Puntos Press, c2004.
This Hollywood is nothing like the one in California. It's in New Mexico and filled with violence and gang activity. Sammy & Juliana are caught in the middle with disasterous results.

F DRA Draper, Sharon. The Battle of Jericho. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2003..
Joining the prestigious club, The Warriors of Distinction is Jericho's greatest goal and when his serious crush suddenly expresses interest in him, he is even more motivated. Initiation Week holds plenty of surprises and sooner, rather than later, the line between fun and games becomes blurred with Jericho's sense of what is right and wrong. How far would you go to achieve your life's desire?

F KOJ Koja, Kathe. Talk. New York : Frances Foster Books, 2005.
Hoping to escape from himself for awhile, Kit auditions for a controversial school play and discovers his talent for acting, struggles with coming out, and both he and his costar face crises in their view of themselves and in their close relationships. Told from two points of view.

F SON Sones, Sonya. one of the hideous books where the mother dies. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2004.
Ruby must leave her home town, best friend, and her boyfriend when her mother dies. She must go live with her father, an extremely famous movie star in Hollywood after he abandoned her before she was born. Told in poems, this book brings alive all the feelings she has about her father, her friends and the new life she must now live.

F WEB Weber, Lori. Klepto. Toronto, James Lorimer, 2004.
Kat's sister, Hannah, has been shipped off to a group home and the family is going through counseling. Hannah used to terrorize Kat, so life without her is calm and easy, but now the social worker is arranging for Hannah to come back home and Kat begins having issues with stealing.

F WIL Wild, Margaret .Jinx. New York : Walker, 2002.
Jen is usually the dull, boring, conservative one in her group of friends, but when she becomes famouse as the girl whose boyfriends die, she renames herself Jinx. Told in a series of poems, this is a story of a young girl who must overcome incredibly difficult situations. Not to be missed!

921 GOTLEIB Gottlieb, Lori. Stick Figure. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2000.
A true story about anorexia that is funny! Set in the 70's, and poking fun at her Beverly Hills family, this story is hilarious. However, Gottleib became anorexic at 11 years old.

921 HORNBACHER Hornbacher, Marya. Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia. New York : HarperFlamingo, c1998.
A biography of how bulimia and anorexia took over Hornbacher's teen years, and how she still struggles with her eating disorder. The most amazing part is when the author dicusses what eating disorders did to her heart and body, and how many years anorexia has taken off her life. People think she is 36 years old, even though she is only 23!

F BEN Bennett, Cherie. Life in the Fat Lane. New York : Delacorte, 1998.
Lara had it all, a great body, fabulous friends and was heading toward being prom queen. But suddenly she began gaining weight. At first it was just a few pounds, but dieting didn't take it off. Then she was 50 pounds overweight, and ballooned up to 100. The doctors can't figure out what is happening; her mom is sure she's eating like crazy and her friends no longer want to be around her. This is an amazing book about how society treats overweight people.

F HOL Holt, Kimberley Willis. When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. New York : Holt, 1999.
Did you ever meet someone that fascinated and sometimes repulsed you? When Zachary Beaver, the fattest boy in the world, comes to town as a freak show, things get very odd when he is left by his sponsor.

F TER Terris, Susan. Nell's Quilt. New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1987.
Set in 1899, Nell tries to get out of marrying her cousin in order to go to college. To avoid thinking about her upcoming marriage, she begins making a quilt. However, she becomes obsessed and she begins to refuse to eat or drink. An amazing historical look at anorexia!





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