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What has Ms. Elliott Been Reading?

Teachers Read! Classes Read! Library Staff Read!
Ms. Elliott Happening History!
PVHS Book Club World Literature Recommendations Surreal
Mr. Copeland World Literature Recommendations 2008-09 Action Adventure
Mr. Gilzean   Just the Facts
Ms. Hopkins - Mystery
Ms. Jensen Fantastic Fantasy
Mrs. Martin Funny Bone?
Mrs. Morrissey Books Made Into Movies
Ms. Scully What's On Your Plate?
Mr. Vought The Criminal Element
Mr. Wiggins A Tight Fit
C. G. Watson   If you liked A Child Called It
    If you liked Always Running
California Recommended Literature Ms. Elliott's Wordle Pages If you liked Claws
  If you like Twilight
If you like The Lightning Thief

Internet Websites for Reading

Free online books

Young Adult Books in Series and Sequels
Find the titles of the series you are reading and the order they are to be read from the Bettendorf Public Library.

Juvenile Series and Sequels
From the Mid-Continent Public Library

Discover Reads
An interactive Website where one enters 5 books they enjoyed and then suggestions are given for other books the reader might like.

Google Books
Find some full text books here, but also snippets of books under copyright. Google's twist on bookstore browsing.

Reading Rants
Out of the ordinary teen booklists! Choose from Fanging around, Riot Grrrl, Slacker Fiction, Deadheads and more.                  

Teen Reads
Great new books to read, with interviews and biographies of authors.                   

Young Adult Book Reviews
Designed for teens by a young adult librarian, Jennifer Hubert.  These are great and interesting reviews.                          

Outstanding Books for the College Bound
The books on this list will give you the opportunity to see yourself and the world in a new way; they will inspire you to think about life, universal truths, and the human experience. This list can help prepare you for college but is also intended as a tool for a variety of audiences -- college bound students, educators, librarians, and parents.

Teen Ink Book Reviews
Find over 400 reviews written by teens about books they have read.

Reader's Club: Teen Corner Book Reviews
Book reviews for young adult books organized by topic from Action & Adventure to Westerns.

YALSA Booklists
Includes: Alex Awards, Outstanding Books for the College Bound, Best Books for Young Adults, Quick Picks for Young Adults, Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults ,Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults, Top 10 Quick Picks for Young Adults, and 1999 Selected Audio Books.




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