Impressionist Art


Impressionist Painters of the 19th Century Art Movement
Examples of Impressionism are shown with a biography of Claude Monet.
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WebMuseum: Paris Impressionism
History of the art movement from its founders to public opinion with links to various exceptional artists.
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Quiz: Know Your French Impressionists
Aa program to quiz you on French artists with links to other artists and their art work.
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Artcyclopedia Artists by Movement: Impressionism
Summary of the Impressionist movement with a chronological listing of Impressionist artists.
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Experience Impressionism
Take the Experience Impressionism guided tour to get a great introduction to this art movement.
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The Impressionists from
   Biographical essays with representative    samplings of the artists' works.
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French Painting of the 19th Century
Online tours as well as indept studies provide information on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.
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Artchive: Impressionism
List of artists as well as description of the unique characteristics of Impressionism.
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updated 1/29/2007