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Local/State Information

The Butte County Clerk-Recorder Elections
Follow the link labeled "election results."
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California Secretary of State-Elections Division
Find information on propositions, candidates and election results.
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Daily projections for the election which are intended to be non-partisan.

Project Vote Smart-California Propositions

SmartVoter.com - California

California Voter Guide - Propositions

Candidate Matching Sites - 2012 Presidential Election

Candidate Match Game II
Take this interactive quiz to determine which candidate for president most closely agrees with your views on the issues.

I Side With

Quiz: It's my Party
From Channel One News

2012 Presidential Candidates Quiz
From ProCon.org

2012 Presidential Candidate Positions on 68 Issues
From ProCon.org

Candidates on the Issues
Provides quotes from the candidates regarding their stances.

Candidate Comparison (Funding)

California Elections and Elected Officials

Political Party Sites:

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Reform Party

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Independence Party

Constitution Party

Socialist Party USA

Election Sites:

Interactive map of Electoral College Vote projections

Eight Steps to the White House
Some of the major steps on the road to winning the White House win comic book/graphic novel format.

California Election Site

Project Vote Smart
Locate information on the candidates, issues, finances, voting records and public statements for all the candidates.

Citizens' Solutions Guides
Before selecting a candidate, make sure you are informed about the issues. Select an issue and get information on the pros and cons of different positions.

League of Women Voters of California
Impartial information and guidelines on choosing candidates, including analysis of propositions and other information.

League of Women Voters Democracy.Net
Select the state for which you need information or check out the national elections.

Locate information on the funding sources for candidates.

C-SPAN Election 2012
This site features plenty of information as well as several searchable databases of full-length videos of all the presidential and some major senatorial and gubernatorial debates.

CNN Special: America Votes
Compare where the candidates stand on specific issues, financial funding and their biographies.

Rock the Vote
Encouraging young people to vote, this site covers election information from Elections 101 to Essentials to Voting. Candidate information is not available here.

Fact Check.Org
"We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases."

San Francisco Chronicle/San Francisco Examiner Elections 2012
Coverage of the presidental election with a focus on California.

Are You Presidential Material?

updated 10/21/2012