Social Issues


Issues and Controversies
A database of reliable information on a huge number of topics

Points of View
Database of reliable informaiton from EBSCO

Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues
"A nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation whose purpose is to inform the public about controversial issues using facts, news, and hundreds of diverse opinions in a pro-con format." Typically gives the history of the controversy, a summary, the top 10 opinons and laws if applicable.
Balanced politics
Find a chart detailing the pros and cons of specific issues followed by an explanation of each point of view.

Opposing Views from the University of Washington
Compiles websites that have bias on both sides of an issue.

IDEA (aka
"Debatabase is the world's most useful resource for student debaters. Inside you will find arguments for and against hundreds of debating Topics, written by expert debaters, judges and coaches. Also included are background summaries, links to websites of interest and recommended books, example motions and user comments. "

Public Agenda
Issue analysis and context in a non-partisan manner. Each topic is divided into 2 subsections, understanding and public opinion.

From the Annenberg Public Policy Center, facts are checked on statements made to the media.

Debates, Polls, Books and Forums
Locate information for debating. Search by category or keyword.

Debate Central

Homework Center: Social Issues
From the Multnomah County Library is this a great site featuring lists of websites by topic and subdivided by emphasis.

National Center for Policy Analysis
Analysis, debate and in-depth research from around the world. This tends to have more of a focus on the conservative side of issues.
Using the tabs at the top, find Issues and locate a one-page description of the background, points of view, history and facts.

Documents in the News
Primary sources gathered for analysis on many issues collated by Washington State Library.

Justice Talking
Justice Talking and the New York Times Learning Network have teamed up to bring you, a free website for students and teachers that tackles the tough provocative legal issues debated in the courts, in congress and in our classrooms.

On the Issues
"Presents positions on major issues for major federal and state offices, such as president and governor. Browse by candidate or issue, or search. In addition to opinions and quotes on issues, the site includes biographies of each candidate."


Updated 01/23/2015