PhET GAs Properties


Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Includes a game as well as roll over capabilities.

Chemicool Elements
From MIT, this gives General States, Energies, Oxidation & Electrons, Appearance & Characteristics, Reactions, Other Forms, Radius, Conductivity, Abundance, and Encyclopedia Britannica articles.
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Periodic Table of the Elements
An online version of the periodic table. You can click on any element to get more information about it, such as its history, properties, and uses.
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WebElements Periodic Table
Gives key data, descriptions, and isolation for all chemical elements. Also lists name of the element in French, German, Spanish and Italian.
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A Comic Book Periodic Table
What do you get when you combine chemistry with comic books? Well, maybe you'll get thrown out of class. But on this site, you'll just have fun. "Click on an element [in the periodic table] to see a list of comic book pages involving that element. Click on a thumbnail on the list to see a full comic book page.
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General Chemistry Sites

Seach engine that looks through chemistry related sites for information.
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A tutorial for high school chemistry from Diamond Bar High School in Walnut, CA.
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CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry
The authors -- some of whom are high school students themselves! -- say, "We have created CHEMystery, a virtual chemistry textbook, to provide an interactive guide for high school chemistry students." The guide covers topics from states of matter to nuclear reactions.
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Cornell Math and Science Gateway
This Gateway is maintained by the Cornell Department of Education. It provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12.
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Updated 03/09/2011