Ms. Morine's Unit for Huckleberry Finn

The links below will take you to a site that will give you a great head start on your research needs.

1) Child Labor
Child Labor in the 1900s--
good intro on conditions

2) Temperance
"Reform Movements: Temperance (1815-1850)"
"Temperance Movement in the early 1800s."
"Frances Willard."
"Dow, Neal (1804-1897)."

3) Second Great Awakening
"Temperance Movement in the Early 1800s, 1800-1860."
—"The Second Great Awakening Movement Spreads across United States"
"Second Awakening and Frontier Religious Revival, 1800-c. 1835."

4) Shakers

5) Women's Suffrage
Women's Movement
Seneca Falls Convention, 1848
Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1815-1902

6) Educational Reform
"Common Schools and the Industrial Order (1850-1877)."
Changes in Women's Education in Early 1800s, 1800-1840
Mann, Horace (1796-1859)

7) Prison/Asylum Reform
"The Asylum Movement (1815-1850)."
"Dorthea Dix"

8) Abolitionism
"Abolition Societies Formed in Philadelphia and New York."

9) Utopian Societies
"Utopian Communities (1815-1850)."

10) Transportation
Rapid development of railways and canals in America.

11) Minstrel Shows
Minstrel Shows (1815-1850)

12) Reconstruction

America's Reconstruction
Examples of Jim Crow Laws




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