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Vanessa cardui


What is a Butterfly?
From Enchanted Learning.

Painted Lady Butterfly
From Enchanted Learning.

Painted Butterfly Life Cycle
From Enchanted Learning.

All About Painted Lady Butterflies
From Earth's Birthday Project.

Vanessa cardui: Painted Lady Butterfly
From Animal Diversity Web.

Butterflies and Moths of North America

Painted Lady Butterfly -- lots of photos here!

California Butterflies and California Native Plants

List of Butterflies of California
with links to gardening, life cycle, rearing, houses and farms, and more.

Butterflies of California

The Monarch Migration

Miracle of Winged Migration from the Why Files

Creating a Butterfly Friendly Garden (scroll down for list of plants)

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Riddles and Jokes

Can Teach: Caterpillars, Butterflies (songs and poetry here)

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